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Reviewer: George Woolsey
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Review date: 2/1/2016


One of the topics I have never really covered on any blog is How to do Keyword Research because it is really easy as hell once you get into it.

Today I’m going to reveal a tool that helps me in generating $12,303 recurring commissions every month.

And How I increased my other blog traffic by using this tool.

Today I am going to show how to do keyword research and why This tool is best for SEO business, how to reveal hidden keywords and how to find low competition keywords to rank Highly and easily in SERPs.

Pals are you ready to rank every keyword for High traffic keywords in your niche? Let’s Go!

The Tool I am going to show is Long tail Pro let’s Dig into it for more. More than 71,000 SEO’s use it including me.

What's New? What are the Unique Features?

Long Tail Pro features

The 8 in One Solution to Kick start your SEO Campaigns.

1- Keyword Research

2- Competitor Analysis

3- Pay-Per-Click Analysis

4- Real-Time Filtering

5- Exact Match Domain Check

6- Adding Notes

7- Rank Checker

8- Export Results

Here is the New Interface of Long tail Pro Version 3.

Long tail pro Interface

To Get started, The first thing you need to do is to click on the toggle icon on the right hand of long tail pro.
There you can see the various Options.

Adding the Moz and Google Keyword planner API's

The first thing you need to do is to Add your Moz and Google Keyword Planner tool API’s into it.

This helps in fetching the Important metrics from Moz and GKP by using their API’s.

OK, now you have added Both Moz and Google Keyword planner API’s here’s the time to kick start your new project with Long Tail Pro.

You can also change the Data fetching speed for long tail pro but I will recommend you to go with the default settings here.

Now to Start your New Project Simple you need to click on the + button on the left side corner.

Adding your First Project on Long tail Pro

After clicking on it, add your Country Language, If your niche is all about on adult ideas then turn that Adult Ideas option on if not then off.

Add your targeting country now from the drop down menu by scrolling it down and Choose the best search network that suits your niche.

Now you are all set to click the create button.

On the Left-hand side you will see the option to (Find Keywords) Click on it.

Long tail Pro Adding Keywords

After it, you need to Select any of the options listed there.

You can simply add your own keywords that you get from other sources or you can add your Main Seed keyword to generate more long tail keywords and ideas.

You can Also set the Advanced Customize Data and Pre-Filter Tab according to your requirements.

The Data Includes:

You can Now Customize your Keyword

1- Suggested Bid

2- Local Search Volume

3- Advertiser Competition

4- Number Keywords (The total number of words in the keyword)

5- Global Search Volume

6- Domain Availability

7- Google Title Competition

8- Bing Title Competition.

Now, Hit the Generate Keywords and Fetch Data Option to Getting started.

On the Left-hand side Under Quick Add & Analyze Option you can see the Hooked Up keywords that you added before in a merged tag with the name of your keyword.

Hooked Up Keywords

In my example, the Seed Keyword is (Keyword Research) without any filters. (800 Results is the Limit)

Now Under the KW Competition Column can see how competition a related Keyword is with its assigned score.

For me, the keyword is “search engine optimization” with a competition of 68 out of 100.

My KW Competition

The best Score is to go with an average competition below 40. So I need to Further Dig into for more Long tail’s.But for this example, I think it’s enough.

You can see the Competition Score Graph below to check your score accordingly.

Keyword Competitiveness Score Graph

Now Further If you click any keyword it’ll bring up further 10 results from Google that are currently ranking on the first page with their Keyword Competition, Page Authority, and other factors according to that particular keyword.

And Yes, it is possible to spy your Top Ten Competitors with Long Tail Pro by checking out their Page links and the Juice Links (Juice Links are normally the Dofollow Backlinks that pass link juice from one side to another).

You can also see the Site age, Moz rank, and the handy dandy old Page rank metric.

Top 10 Results in Long tail Pro

If you want to see any Particular URL yourself, then simply click that link.

Now Let’s say if you like any keyword and you want to save it, then you just simply need to bookmark that keyword with a yellow star.

You can check your All favorites at the bottom left-hand side corner.

And Now the last thing we are going to do is to Export All Our Favorites keywords into a Microsoft Excel file for later use.


The other Long Tail keywords that I found using long tail Pro (Not included in the review) were

1- best activity trackers for fitness (more than 1000)

2- how to make money online at home (more than 1000)

3- how to do proper exercise at home for moms (800)

Sometimes some results might not sound interesting for our niche also you can simply delete those one’s to the trash box.

That’s it?


Wait, um..

There is Another Handy Dandy tool inside long tail pro. The name of this tool is Rank checker that simply tracks all of your keywords rankings in various search engines.


I am not going in depth with this tool, but here’re the basic one’s:

1- Add your domain.

2- Enter your Search Term.

3- In the settings Select your Targeting Country.

4- Add your Keyword’s Basic Language.

Now hit the Check ranks button in yellow.

Long tail Pro Rank CHecker tool

And here’s the results on the right-hand side boom!

The rank checker tool currently checks Bing, Google, and Yahoo search engine results.

I think it’s enough for you to now buy this amazing tool.


Long tail Pro makes it really easy to find high Profitable keywords without any High competition, You can use this tool to grab long tail keywords for your Affiliate Sites, Adsense sites and for niche sites etc.
It’s just wonderful how long tail Pro shows you the top 10 competitors for your niche, just analyze them, check their backlinks, check the juicy ones and make them yours.

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Long tail Pro Is Perfect For

Some Common and Important Questions

1- Does LTP (Long tail Pro) Work on MAC Operating System also?
Yes, the Tool is Adobe Air Based and works great on PC and MAC.

2- How Can I reach the customer support team in case of any kind of help?
You can reach the customer support team here and You can also check out this FAQ page too for more assistance.

3- Will I have to be an expert to learn this tool?
No you not because It takes about 30 minutes to Learn everything about this Tool you can read the above review

4- How much Discount I will Get when I purchase this tool via your link?

The Answer is only $77 Normally $97 Including upgrades and all updates for lifetime.

5- What’s the Different Between Platinum and Normal?

Difference Between Long Tail Pro and Platinum.

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